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Universal gas-vortex bioreactors present an entirely new type of devices
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A reactor for biotechnological processes under microgravity conditions
Technologies and projects

JSC The Center of Vortex Technologies was founded by the authors and developers of devices with an entirely new vortex method of stirring: gas-vortex bioreactors Tornado and Biok (first generation devices) and universal gas-vortex bioreactors of the new generation. JSC The Center of Vortex Technologies is the resident of Skolkovo Technopark.

The Companys mission

The development and sale of laboratory and industrial universal gas-vortex bioreactors of varying volumes and for different purposes
The development and implementation of reactors using the vortex method of stirring and vortex technologies for biotechnological, food and chemical industries and medicine
Universal gas-vortex bioreactors present an entirely new type of devices having no world analogs in the method of stirring.

Application fields of universal gas-vortex bioreactors
1. Pharmaceutical and microbiological industries.
Production of vaccines and other drugs (including the use of highly sensitive cells a substitution for roller, egg and mattress technologies).
Production of monoclonal antibodies
Cultivation of plant, insect, animal and mammalian tissue cells for virology
Production of a broad range of microbiological preparations for agriculture and veterinary
Production of enzymes
Production of polysaccharides and oil-destructors for oil industry, etc.
2. Medicine. Preparative production of stem and other autologous cells, creation of three-dimensional biological objects, tissue engineering
3. Petrochemical industry.
Various processes requiring effective stirring including that of aggressive media, production of catalysts, biocatalytic processes, etc.
4. Food industry.
Obtaining sugar products from corn starch i.e. different syrups, glucose, GFS
Production of margarine
Production of food for preventive nutrition, etc.
5. Other industries
Processes requiring effective stirring of fluids including reologically heavy fluids and those with variable viscosity.
6. Research work in various fields
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